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      Stockwell Carpet Cleaners just did my end of tenancy cleaning, and I honestly thought they wouldn't be able to do much, but the flat looked better than when I moved in, and I got my full deposit back thanks to them.
Olga Halliday19/05/2020
     It's always nice to come home to a clean house thanks to Stockwell Carpet Cleaning Services. You guys are the best I've found!
Rachel L.19/09/2019
     Had the best rug cleaning experience possible! The team did a pretty decent job, especially when dealing with old stubborn stains on my rug. They worked on every inch rag handling it with a lot of care. I intend to hire your services soon.
     I was a bit reluctant to get a regular cleaner in, but after working with Stockwell Carpet Cleaning Services for a few sessions I knew I'd made the right choice. Just saves me so much time and hassle, plus their cleaners do a way better job than I ever did.
Enid H.13/12/2017
     I've never liked the idea of home cleaners cleaning my home, but when I became ill I decided that it would be a good choice for my house. I picked StockwellCarpetCleaners because of their dedication to customer satisfaction, and they've definitely delivered. I've been more than happy with their flexibility, their hardworking staff, the prices and even their cleaning equipment! If you're unsure about hiring help I can't urge you to try this company enough!
     StockwellCarpetCleaners is by far the most terrific cleaning firm in London! I spent months employing different cleaning companies to clean my home and their work was never quite up to my standards, or the prices were well out of my budget. So when I stumbled across your cleaning company, you can imagine how pleased I was to find that you combine a thorough service coupled with reasonable rates. You're also very flexible and have on a couple of occasions re-arranged my appointment!
Annabelle R.15/01/2015
     StockwellCarpetCleaners has been cleaning my home for a long time, so when they expanded their services to office cleaning, I knew I could rely on them to do a good job and I was not disappointed. They were very professional about the whole affair and paid equal attention to every detail in my office like they did at my home. The range of their commercial cleaning services includes everything that I needed, so I didn't even have to think twice about keeping them on for the office service. They truly provide an all-rounded service.
Rob D.04/12/2014
     When our decorator splashed paint on the carpet we were livid but he insisted that with the right carpet cleaner the stains would come out. We decided to give it a go as we didn't want to end up buying a new carpet and luckily StockwellCarpetCleaners were our knight in shining armour. The cleaner they sent to us had a deep heat cleaning machine or something like that and it separated the paint from the fabric and cleaned it all out. The carpet was as good as new after they had finished and we are very glad that we decided to call them out!
Laura H.14/11/2014
     I like to keep myself in shape, but keeping my house looking its best is a bigger challenge. I just can't figure out how to get those stubborn marks and stains out! Eventually, I went out and got some help. StockwellCarpetCleaners is where I ended up after a bit of shopping around, and I can definitely recommend them. Having a professional come and tidy up freed up a lot of my time, and made me feel less stressed as a result! They took care of all of the jobs that I couldn't, and it was a huge burden off my back. They weren't very expensive either. My experience can best be summed up as a triumph!
S. Hughes29/08/2014
     I was really impressed with the cleaning work I have just had done by a local firm. I was provided with the contact details from a friend who used them frequently, so decided to get in touch. From the first contact with the office, the staff helped arrange a home cleaning service at a cost that didn't break the bank. I was so pleased with the final result. The cleaners worked hard polishing, dusting, and vacuuming. They really made a difference, and my home looked immaculately clean. So if anyone is considering hiring a cleaning company I suggest you call these guys now.
Alvin P.24/07/2014
     My wife and I had just moved into our new home and knew we had our work cut out for us. Not only did we have unpacking, sorting, etc of all our goods but also we had cleaning to face. Tired from the move and with a lot to do, we decided to call StockwellCarpetCleaners for help. They sent up expert cleaners who were able to tackle all the dust and stains for us, while we saw to other things. By the end of the week, the house looked great and we can't thank the cleaners enough for the hard work they did for us.
Aaron Kimble20/06/2014
     I've started having lots of problems with my back recently, and this really limited my house cleaning. I couldn't get into any high places, and my home was getting dusty and full of cobwebs. I didn't even consider hiring a house cleaner until a friend told me about her good experiences with StockwellCarpetCleaners, so I decided to give them a try. I was a bit worried they'd judge me for the state of my house, but my cleaner was really good at putting me at ease. I get my house professional cleaned every few weeks now and I'm very happy with the services of this company. Very helpful and very thorough at their job!
     Getting the right office cleaning has really helped us grow as a company, I think. We were just a small team, trying to keep on top of everything ourselves and as the company expanded, we were finding it harder and harder to keep on top of what needed to be cleaned. Standards were beginning to slip and people lost focus on their work. That's when we brought in StockwellCarpetCleaners. From that moment on, everything seems to have been handled with a tremendous attitude and their price is just right. The office has never been cleaner and the staff are happier.
Marilyn Nelson19/03/2014
     Hiring a professional cleaner was something that I was really dreading. I didn't want to admit to anyone that I couldn't keep my house clean - let alone a professional! StockwellCarpetCleaners were very understanding though and, although I did feel a bit of shame about the state of my house, it soon wore off! My cleaner is really brilliant - I'm more than pleased with the services of this company, which aren't just professional, but pretty cheap as well! I've recommended them to lots of people and will never go back to cleaning my own house! Thank you so very much!
     When you are running a growing business, the last thing you need are distractions. Unfortunately they are usually all-too-commonplace, especially where office cleanliness is concerned. But since hiring StockwellCarpetCleaners a couple of months ago those distractions seem to have disappeared. I know it is early days but these guys really seem to understand what we expect of them and deliver every time. My staff have even commented that they have noticed an increase in the standard of cleaning, and they didn't even know we had changed contractors. Keep up the good work guys.
F. Littlewood30/01/2014

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